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How Automation Can Improve Your School System

    See in just 30 minutes how easy it is to increase efficiency in your school district with a seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of student and back-office information.

    Are you confident in your school district's collection of documents outside of WEVIS? 


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    This brief video provides an overview of how a document management system can revolutionize your business.

    Access your business information from anywhere with an OIS software solution.

    Access Anywhere

    OIS can work with you to integrate your existing software with the document management system.

    Works with Current Systems

    Make compliance reporting quick and secure with OIS software.

    Meet Compliance Reporting

    Automate common business functions to ensure smooth operation and reduce employee frustration.

    Work Flow Automation








    About Us

    With more than 20 years' experience working with small- and medium-size

    businesses, the staff at OIS has the skills and expertise you need.

    We work with your staff to help your business run smoothly.

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    Government compliance is a complicated system. Mistakes can be very costly. Let us help ensure your reporting is updated and accurate.


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    Take your office on the road. Secure access from anywhere using your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

    Utilize our electronic delivery receipts and invoicing to streamline delivery and billing.

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    New! Education Essentials Perfect for All Types of Schools

    Educational institutions are inundated with paperwork. From permission forms and other individualized information to health records, educational tracking and a variety of other student information. Our customized Education Essentials program keeps this information securely in the cloud, while allowing staff to easily access it when needed.

    Don't keep drowning in paper!   OIS can help streamline enrollment and student tacking systems for public, private, trade schools or other specialized training programs.


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    Features Your Staff Will Love

    Find information quickly and easily with a click of the mouse. No more digging through storage boxes.

    Electronic Document Storage

    Find invoices, receipts, and other business documents quickly and easily. Search and indexing options make it simple to find the information you need with the click of a mouse. 

    Documents such as employee expenses, invoices, and time sheets can be electronically generated and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for approval. Once approved, they are sent to the next step in the process automatically. Eliminate lost reports and missing checks, all while speeding up the process.

    Our electronic forms are perfect for delivery drivers. Enter deliver receipts directly into the system with a tablet or phone.

    Instant Receipt of Mobile Forms

    Know immediately when orders are delivered and electronically access the recipient's signature. Delivery employees use a tablet to the capture customer's receipt signature. Copies of the receipt are then automatically stored in the system and can be automatically emailed to the customer.

    Don't have internet access? Don't worry. Our system will keep the information on the tablet, then send it once the internet is available.

    OIS Software can be configured to work seamlessly with most common software packages.

    Works Seamlessly With Your Current Software

    Our systems can be customized to work flawlessly with your existing systems, including accounting, production, e-mail and other systems. We adjust the system to support your exiting procedures.


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