How Cloud-Based Software Protects Your Business

Taken from Square 9 ECM Blog

At least monthly, we hear of another large data breach, with millions of people's personal and financial information exposed. It seems no one's systems are immune to these attacks. While attacks are typically targeted at higher profile organizations, such as Yahoo, Facebook or large online retailers, smaller businesses that have a web-based system are also vulnerable to attacks. Many business owners are hesitant to change to a cloud-based solution because of these security risks.
Fortunately, security for web-based systems continues to evolve as the threats become more sophisticated, and there are new solutions to help you protect your business. Square 9's cloud-based document management solution is designed to help protect your business data from viruses, malware, and other threats. To start, consider investing in a comprehensive cloud-based document management solution that will help protect your business-critical data against viruses, malware, and other threats. The Global Search C2 system utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform along with the power of the GlobalSearch software, providing a secure and reliable option for your business.
Here are some of the advantages of using the GlobalSearch C2 cloud-based software in your business.
Physical Security – AWS maintains large-scale data centers that offer protection in a secure environment. This includes physical access to their data center, fire detection and suppression, 24/7 power systems (including backup generators), and even state-of-the-art climate and temperature control.
At Rest Document Encryption – With the use of both at rest and in transit encryption, GlobalSearch C2 leverages the highest security protocols available to protect your sensitive information. At rest encryption uses multi-factor encryption with a unique key. Server-side encryption leverages the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard – to protect your documents.
Database Security – Before users can access documents in the cloud, they must first be granted the appropriate access rights. Each database within GlobalSearch C2 has its own set of user permissions. For example, you can create Human Resources specific databases that ensure no sensitive employee data is seen by anyone outside of the HR team.
User Security – Your system allows you to manage security and access based on individual users.  Depending on position, responsibilities, or level, users will have different document views, access, and editing permissions. This access includes editing a document, modifying its index data, adding annotations, and sharing files. User security can be broken down even further by searches, where specific documents can be shown or hidden based on their parameters.
Audit Trail – Our Cloud-based solution will provide instant access to all document activities. Audit trail capabilities give administrators the ability to easily see who viewed, edited, emailed, or moved a document. This ensures all user actions are tracked and accounted for.
With industry-leading best practices, together Square 9 Softworks and Amazon Web Services provide organizations of every size with the tools needed to embrace a secure and compliant cloud hosted document management strategy.
If you want to learn more about this and other cloud-based solution and how it can fit your business, contact Office Information Solutions for a free consultation.