Document solutions for automobile dealerships

Solutions for Automotive Dealers

Operating our Dealership in a Whole New Way


A affordable, easy-to-use and reliable software system can transform your auto dealership into highly efficient, virtual paperless organization. Whether your dealership is small or large, our systems can meet your needs.


How We Can Help

  • Vehicle Deal Jackets
  • Repair Center Tracking
  • Records Management
  • Warranty Billing
  • Parts Department
  • And Much More

Would you like your dealership to ...

Automate? Scan transactions for accurate and immediate filing.

Access? One-click access to vehicle history and other information, improving customer service with dealership-wide document access.

Streamline? Automatically route document, accelerating the workflow process for Accounts Payable and other functions.

Search? Easily locate customer information in seconds, while they are still in the dealership or on the phone.

Decrease costs? Eliminate paper-based filing and reduce administration time and costs while increasing efficiency.



Managing Repair Orders and Deal Jackets in a Whole New Way


Automotive dealerships commonly struggle with managing an abundance of paper documents for Repair Orders and Deal Jackets. These documents typically contain multiple files, are catalogued on premise for future reference, and must be retained for both compliance and for customer inquiries.Automotive Essentials is a dynamic cloud-based solution designed specifically for the automotive sales and repair industry. Automotive Essentials streamlines the most common document-intensive processes by effortlessly capturing, storing and retrieving the growing volume of paper records in dealerships and storing it in a secure cloud repository.

  • Simplify the process to scan and organize repair orders and deal jackets into a secured cloud repository.

  • Easily access to estimates, parts, and other needed information, as well as information to satisfy MVD inquires and consumer protection inquiries.

  • Keep approved and denied Credit Applications and personal information securely, but easily accessible.

  • Keep all records as required by state agencies and the Department of Transportation.


Leverage Technology to Transform Your Operations 

A affordable, easy-to-use and reliable software system can transform your auto dealership into highly efficient, virtual paperless organization.  Whether your dealership is small or large, our systems can meet your needs.


Vehicle Deal Jackets

Store documents instantly for all vehicle purchases, allowing for quick reporting and record access with just a click.

Repair Center Tracking

See the repairs and maintenance history for any customer or vehicle. Store work orders and other information for each visit.

Records Management

Whether it's staff information or dealership records, we can incorporate your processes into an online document management system. You will increase efficiency and reduce frustrations for employees and customers with our easy-to-use system.

Warranty Billing

Avoid losing money from warranty claims not submitted in a timely manner. Quickly and easily document information for warranty repairs and generate reports.

Parts Department

Easily keep track of inventory, special orders and other parts issues, allowing you to respond to customers quickly.

And Much More!

Don't drown in paper or waste valuable employee time locating documents. Office Information Solutions can work with you to define and automate an electronic system to revolutionize your dealership.


How Efficient Is Your Business?

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Get an unbiased evaluation of your operations, as well as recomendations for improvement. 


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