Our software solutions can help your construction business run smoothly and efficiently.

Keep All of Your Project On Time and On Budget


How We Can Help

  • Contracts
  • Work Orders and Change Orders
  • Government Reporting
  • Subcontractor Documents
  • Invoicing
  • Employee HR tracking

Project Management is simple and easy with a properly established software package. Easily keep track of the smallest and largest projects. Our system can help you organize every step of the construction project, including planning designs, material purchases, timelines, work hours and change orders.

Increase  your employees' access to information, while improving customer service. Project managers and other employees have access to all of the pertinent documents and notes from any location. Questions from customers, subcontractors or vendors can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Reports and Information The Way You Need It

  • Securely store all project documents, including scanned records, drawings, emails and MS Office files 
  • Easily create and manage digital project binders so all key employees can easily access project information.
  • Direct access to all project information from anywhere - on site, at home or in the office.
  • Reduced administrative costs by eliminating paper-based systems.
  • Fully customized document routing and approval processes.
  • Customizable search options. Search for projects by project name, project number, date or customer name.


How Efficient Is Your Business?

Does your business run efficiently? Are there systems that can be streamlined to reduce redundancy and frustrations for your employees and staff? The experts at OIS can help.

Get an unbiased evaluation of your operations, as well as recomendations for improvement. 


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