Apps Are Not the Only Form of Mobile Interaction

The demand for customized app for both Apple and Android platforms continues to skyrocket. Customers expect to connect with businesses easily and quickly, while business owners are constantly trying to find new, improved ways to reach their customers and potential customers.

Building an app from scratch is an expensive, daunting project that can be cost-prohibitive for anyone except large companies with significant development and advertising budgets. While these custom-built apps provide a great way to connect with your customers, many businesses don't have the time, expertise or budget available for such a large project.


Alternatives To Native Apps

Take heart. There are some less involved, less expensive alternatives that will achieve similar results for your business. Your customers expect, even need, your features to work on their mobile devices, but it doesn't have to be in an app. As technology has advanced, companies are finding that a progressive, responsive website is quickly becoming the preferred avenue for communication.  If your web site works well on a mobile device, many customers will not bother to download your app, choosing instead to simply use the web browser on their phone or tablet for basic information and actions. 

OIS can work with you to develop online forms for your business processes. From employee time cards to customer orders to invoices, your employees and customers will be able to submit this information. You have the option to provide easy access to your forms via your public website or require authentication.


These forms are integrated into your existing systems to further streamline your office. Once information is submitted using the web based form, the information is automatically submitted to your document management or accounting software package (most software is supported). 

Online forms require:

  • less programming expertise (sometimes none!)
  • less time to configure the app
  • less beta testing, and
  • quicker launch times.

If your business is interested in developing mobile technology to enhance your customers' experience, contact OIS. We can work with you to determine the best, most cost effective solution for your situation.