Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready For A Real Disaster?

Most business owners understand the importance of being prepared for a disaster. According to the federal government, most businesses who suffer a disaster and do not have a recovery plan will fail within one year.

That's a sobering statistic for any business owner. In the recent episodes of flooding in parts of West Virginia, this scenario is playing out in real time for many businesses. 

Is your business ready for a disaster? If your answer is, "Yes, of course. We have a disaster recovery plan" listen up.  While having a solid plan to recover from a disaster such as a flood or fire, is a good start, it's not the end of the story. Making sure your plan is still relevant and updating any changes is essential to its success.


A workable business continuity and disaster recovery plan should include information your team will need in the event of a disaster. Consider including:

  • An updated communications list for employees, suppliers, and others who are essential to your business operations. Have this information in both digital and paper formats, on and off site.
  • Make sure your key employees understand the entire plan, as well as their role. Periodically refresh staff members about this information.
  • Document all infrastructure, software, and essential business processes, updating as changes are made. Don't rely on staff remembering how things are set up or what tasks are performed.
  • Keep an updated list of insurance contacts, policy information, and phone numbers.
  • For technology infrastructures, include information on the current setup as well as contingency plans for getting the business up and running as quickly as possible. This could include cloud services, alternative email servers, etc. Work with your IT staff to make sure your systems can be functioning in a reasonable amount of time.


Keeping these key pieces of information updated and accessible will help your company in the unfortunate event of a disaster striking. Having a plan is good. Having an updated plan is smart!