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Easy To Get Started

OIS has a system to fit the needs of any size organization with its easily customizable interface.

Our system can help you eliminate or preserve documents quickly and easily, while streamlining your business processes. Many common business problems can be addressed with very little customization.

Easy To Use

Our document management software and document search software eliminates the frustration of managing documents with a highly intuitive interface designed to make life easier. Reduced training requirements and higher adoption rates by users translate into successful projects with a lower total cost of ownership.


Our document management system is used to eliminate paper in organizations of all sizes by easily scaling from small business applications to enterprise solutions. With its modular design, SmartSearch not only scales up it also scales out with enterprise class tools for web forms management, variable data printing and workflow automation.

Digital Documents


Software In Action

See how one of our customers relies on their software system to run their state-wide office product business.


When most people think of document management, they immediately think "paperless office." Then, just as quickly write off the possibility as impossible. The goal of a well-designed document management system is not necessarily to eliminate paper, but to preserve and secure it.

Daily use and wear on paper documents can quickly destroy originals. A scanned image of the paper documents gives you the peace of mind that important business information will be available when needed. Security is also much tighter with an electronic system. Preventing unauthorized users from accessing information is an important part of an electronic system.

The professionals at OIS can work with you and your team to implement a customized document management system that works seamlessly with your operations. In most situations, your business will not be required to change processes. The system will adjust to your structure and preferences. We provide and support products including Fortis, FortisBlue, FileMagic, and SmartSearch.

Access paper and other doucments quickly and easily with the click of a mouse.With our customized document management system, you will be able to find what you need in seconds and eliminate the need for many of the paper copies your business relies on.

Learn how Document Management works

Don't want to deal with the difficulties of managing your own system? OIS can also get you up and running quickly and affordably by taking advantage of cloud technology.

System Integration

Our software solutions are designed for flexibility and full integration with your existing systems. Our system has the ability to securely integrate with an extensive list of business applications, office equipment and third-party software.



Learn More about our exciting software to capture data from paper forms and processes.  GlobalCapture


Perfect Solution For

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Delivery Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Manufacturing Organizations
  • Construction
  • Educational Institutions


  • Improved Efficiency
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Audit Documents
  • Save Time and Money
  • Access Information and Documents from Anywhere

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Migration Services

Our technicians can also work with you to migrate the data from your existing software package to your new system. 

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