Solutions for Private Schools, Trade Schools and Other Education Facilities

Gain Control and Better Management Over Student Records

From student records and applications to immunization papers and financial aid files, schools are tasked with keeping track of thousands of files. Our education solutions help you accurately, orderly, and securely file these documents for quick and easy access.  Our systems can increase staff effectiveness, protect confidential information, and reduce operational costs.


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Perfect For:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
  • Health Records
  • Student Registration Information
  • Student Financial Aid Information
  • Parental Communications
  • Emergency Contact Information 
  • And More!

Our Education Essentials System can:

  • Eliminate paper-based forms to provide fast, easy access to student and staff information. 
  • Easily organize confidential student information using scanned or imported files.
  • Create an automated IEP routing system for approvals and implementations.
  • Integration with many popular student information systems.
  • Ensure FERPA and HIPPA compliance.
  • Web Based forms to collect information easily and consistently.

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Award Winning Solutions for Education

Our Education Essentials system is designed specifically for the challenges and needs of an educational institution. It is fully customizable to your specific requirements and procedures.

Ensure Confidentiality. You can rest assured your documents, emails and other files are safe from loss, data breech, fire and other disasters.

Reduce Time and Frustration. Your staff can access needed information with the click of a mouse. No more digging in files and searching for lost paperwork.

Easy to Use and Access. Teachers, administrators and support staff love the ease of bringing up information and adding new information to the system.

Compliance. Educators must comply with a variety of federal guidelines regarding their students, including HIPPA, FERPA and other state and local requirements. Our systems are designed to make compliance a breeze.

Shared Information. Our secure system provides access to information only to those staff members who need it. Collaborating and sharing files and notes is quick and easy with these systems, allowing your staff to concentrate on educating the students.

Easy Input. Whether you want to scan information into the system, drag and drop files from another program, or automate the system with web forms, getting information into the system is quick and easy. Your staff can easily add the system into their daily routine, freeing up time and energy for more important tasks. 

Secure Cloud-Based Access. Access your documents and information securely from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or computer.  


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