Automatically capture information from paper documents with OIS's software system.

Global Capture Makes Importing Information from Paper Documents Quick and Easy

Is your business looking for a better way to manage the paper files that are a part of your operation?  Paper-based systems for such processes as check requests, employee expenses, invoices, just to name a few, are inefficient and prone to errors.

OIS works with Square9's Global Capture to automate the process of capturing these paper documents, reduce errors and increase efficiency.  Global Capture can automatically capture the information, extract the necessary data and route it to the appropriate person in your organization.


Increased Productivity

Using any standard scanner or a multi-function printer, users can transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes, while dramatically decreasing the cost and effort required for capturing documents.


Cost Effective

Offers a unique value through a concurrent licensing model that that has absolutely no limitations on page count volumes, ensuring your processes will never shut down unexpectedly.


Seamless Integration

The web-based GlobalCapture Convey acts as a universal point of entry for documents from all your devices. Using the equipment you already have including production scanners or multi-function printers, to transform paper-based activities into workflow enabled processes.



While GlobalCapture Convey handles all basic capture functions, it was designed with the ability to evolve with the needs of your organization. You can add additional processor cores for higher volume environments or add features like Email Capture to increase the value of their solution.

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