Our software solutions help you keep secure records and easily monitor needed information for long term care facilities.


How We Can Help

  • Medical Records
  • Patient Admitting
  • Patient Billing
  • Records Management
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Human Resources

Extended care and retirement facilities can rely on a system from OIS for its compliant integration with EMR systems and reductions of manual data entry. The secured system meets HIPAA and HIT regulations in document history retention.

  • Full Integration with current EMR system.
  • Meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations with document history and granular security.
  • Decreased administrative labor costs by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Automate internal record handling.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of credential documentation.
  • Automate patient claims such as HCFA/CMS 1500 and UB-04.
  • Retain Patient records.
  • Manage patient intake process for insurance cards, questionnaires and scheduling forms.

Our software sytem provides your organization with a secure means to eliminate paper-based filing, as you manage your patient records with far greater efficiency. It securely stores all your documents including scanned records, emails or MS Office files where they can be instantly accessed from your electronic management software, desktop or even from email.

Staff members can recall records based on a variety of search methods, including Patient Name, Patient ID, Medical Record Number, or Date of Service just to name a few. Users can easily customize the Healthcare database to their individual needs.


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