Access your information anywhere from a tablet, laptop or phone

Get Connected

Get access to your information regardless of the mobile device you’re using. Our systems provide an easy-to-use interface with Apple iPhone and iPads, as well as Android devices.


Smooth Operations

Need to approve an invoice, sign for a delivery, or sign a contract? Get a seamless system that provides on-the-go options for your business. Work doesn’t have to stop just because you’re out of the office.

Secure Access

Whether users access via an office computer or a mobile device, your information is secure. Our systems use industry-leading technology to provide easy access, while protecting your valuable files and date.

With mobile access to your forms, delivery drivers and other employees can instantly update the system from anywhere.Never before has a workforce been as mobile as today.  Employees are no longer located behind a desk or even in the same location. OIS provides on-the-go solutions perfect for delivery drivers, service technicians, and traveling executives. Our software works seamlessly with both Android and Apple devices to provide your employees with real-time access to the system no matter where they travel. Keeping your work processes consistent with constantly mobile employees creates a huge challenge for today's business owners.

Our custom-built forms use a web-based interface that allows employees to submit information from any device connected to the internet. When an employee submits an order, reports hours or requests a quote, the information is routed through the system according to your specified instructions.

Security for mobile access is a top priority at OIS. We work with industry-leading security technology, including SSL encryption when warranted.

Our systems work with iPad or Android tablets, as well as most smart phones.

Access to your Information, any time from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Anywhere access to your documents
  • Full Feature Editing
  • User-initiated Workflows
  • Granular Document Security
  • True Cross Platform Support
  • Access from your Mobile Device
  • Zero Footprint Viewer
  • Send to Dropbox
  • Send to DocuSign
  • Language Localization

Perfect Solution For

  • Delivery Receipts
  • Time sheets for Mobile Employees
  • Data Entry for Off-site Employees
  • Remote Order Placement
  • Mobile Healthcare workers (to access and update patient information)

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