Document Management Software Beneficial To Nonprofits Too

NElectronic documents can help nonprofits thrive. Contact OIS for details.onprofit organizations have a much different focus than their for-profit counterparts. However, a well-designed document management system can make a huge impact on a nonprofit operation. Processes such as volunteer applications, donor records, tax returns and other financial documents can be easily organized and retrieved on demand. The days of digging through paper files are over!

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready For A Real Disaster?

Most business owners understand the importance of being prepared for a disaster. According to the federal government, most businesses who suffer a disaster and do not have a recovery plan will fail within one year.

That's a sobering statistic for any business owner. In the recent episodes of flooding in parts of West Virginia, this scenario is playing out in real time for many businesses. 

Apps Are Not the Only Form of Mobile Interaction

The demand for customized app for both Apple and Android platforms continues to skyrocket. Customers expect to connect with businesses easily and quickly, while business owners are constantly trying to find new, improved ways to reach their customers and potential customers.

Should You Outsource Your Company's Technology Infrastructure?

Cloud-based is a popular term today. Many companies and IT professionals tout the benefits of going to a cloud-based system for your business -- lower start up costs, more security, less IT expenses...the list goes on.

But, cloud-based servers are not the best solution for all businesses. Outsourcing your infrastructure can create some operational issues and may even cost your company more in the long run! So where do you begin?

Taking Your Business Digital Is Easier Than You Think

Business owners and managers like the idea of creating a fully automated, digital office, but are often overwhelmed. Where do you start? How will employees adapt? Will we lose customers? The processes we have worked fairly well. Why change them? Often, these and other tough questions cause businesses to hold back.

West Virginia Flooding Showcases the Need for Disaster Recovery Options

As many individual, businesses and nonprofits quickly discovered, a disaster can truly strike without a moment's notice. On June 23, 2016 historic flooding changed the lives of many West Virginians and their businesses.  Statistic show that most businesses who suffer a major catastrophic event shut their doors soon after. 

Is your business ready for a disaster? While insurance is often available to replace buildings, machinery and other goods, what about your business data and information.Planning before a disaster hits is key to continuing your services and product offerings. 

Taking your HR Paperless: Ideas to Ensure a Smooth Transition

By Lauren Ford for Square 9.com

Increasingly more businesses are transitioning into high-tech office environments with digital kiosks, collaborative workspaces and progressive amenities. Filing cabinets are vanishing as companies worldwide are taking business digital. The office of the future is paperless, and employers maintaining their documents electronically are realizing storage efficiencies, improved accessibility and workflow at drastically lower costs.

What's Keeping Us From Going Paperless?

The technology is readily available, so why are businesses still operating using paper? Maybe we are our own worst enemy when it comes to going paperless.

Mobility and the Cloud

5% of enterprises say that mobile applications are key to their competitive edge, but only 10% have a well-run mobile program.

Is Windows 10 A Better Solution?

Everyone is talking about Windows 10 as a greate improvement over recent Microsoft releases. The reviews present a fresh outlook on functionality by combining past successes with innovative new features, to reveal the implied direction of Microsoft’s future.

End-of-year Accounting

The end of the year presents some unique opportunities for small-business owners, along with some challenges. Reviewing operations in the past year and planning for the coming year are important steps that can easily be overlooked by busy owners. There are also a variety of accounting-related tasks that must be done to keep your business moving forward. Here are a few tips to keep your business on track.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Every business must keep some type of confidential information on their customers, as well as any employees. Credit cards, account information and Social Security numbers are often needed to simply transact business or issue payments.  However, if this data becomes vulnerable, it can lead to fraud, identity theft, and other security problems.