How Document Management Software Works

A well designed document management system allows information to be preserved from a variety of sources - paper documents, electronic files, websites, other software programs, and emails, just to name a few.

Our Document Management systems are flexible and scalable, which means they can be adjusted to fit the specific needs and preferences of your business. No matter how the document is entered into the system, it can be categorized and searched depending on your business needs. For example, all emails, documents, correspondence, etc. for a construction company can be searchable by project, customer, supplier, invoice number or even sub contractor. These searches can be done in seconds with the click of a mouse!

Even if documents must be scanned, the time and effort will pay for itself. The illustration below describes how today's technology can be used. If a company were to scan 250 pages per person per day for six years, the file storage would take up about 18 gigabytes of space, a small fraction of the storage on today's computers.

OIS can design a software system to store and retrieve documents from a variety of sources, including email, scans, and other software programs.