OIS provides a variety of business software solutions that are custom designed for your operation. We work with our customers to determine the best solution available that will compliment your existing processes. All of our software packages are customized to provide easy to use systems that meet the needs of your specific operation.

While we work with other software solutions, we primarily focus on these areas.

Document Imaging

Most businesses use paper documents in some capacity. The fragile nature of these documents can cause huge problems. Papers can be lost or damaged by water or fire. And, these are difficult to organize and take up valuable office space. OIS can streamline your operation by creating digital copies of paper documents that are stored on a computer and can be found quickly and easily.

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Automating Workflow

Most offices have a process for a variety of ongoing functions, including employee expense reimbursements, time sheet submissions and invoice payments. These processes often require at least one supervisor approval. When processes involve several key staff who are managing busy schedules, bottlenecks and confusion can easily occur. OIS can build a software solution that helps your staff manage these functions electronically, eliminating lost paper documents and speeding up the process.

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Mobile Solutions

In today's mobile society, employees are no longer located behind a desk or even in the same location. OIS provides on-the-go solutions perfect for delivery drivers, service technicians, and traveling executives. Our software works seamlessly with Android and Apple devices to provide your employees with real-time access to the system no matter where they travel.

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Customized Promotional Mailing

OIS has a variety of customizable solutions for direct-mail marketing and other unique challenges your business faces. Our variable data mailing software solution provides printed materials that you design for your targeted mailing.

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The video below shows an overview of a well-implemented document management system, such as Square 9's SmartSearch.


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