Identify the processes that are crucial for your business and the forms or documents associated with them. Think about the daily processes essential to your operation.

Typically, the list includes accounts payable requests, employee expenses, order processing and invoicing.


Define the Activitiy

Determine what steps are involved and what actions need to take place. What are the steps involved in the process and who is involved?

The activities you define allow documents to move throughout your organization as they update status, notify users of required actions and even share data with other line of business applications.

Automate The Process

OIS works with our customers to design a technology-based system to automatically manage these processes, preventing lost documents, and speeding up the processes.

The system can include staff notifications, red flags and other features as needed. The system provides the flexibility to manage even the most complex processes.

Each year, office employees spend countless hours tracking down expense reports, purchase orders, data sheets, and any number of other paper-based forms. The time loss and frustration costs add up quickly.

A software package from OIS can automate these basic business functions, as well as many others. By automatically routing submitted forms and reports, and filing completed requests, office automation systems save time and money, improve customer service, and reduce frustration. 

Office Automation systems consist of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone), scanners or copiers, and document management software which is stored in-house on a server or online. Many standard processes, such as approval and notification, can be programmed to automatically occur.

A few common applications are listed below. Contact OIS for a free consultation to see how our workflow solutions can help your processes.

Key Features

  • Simplified Document Workflow Administration
  • Both user initiated and automated processes
  • Direct email integration with SMTP
  • Automatic Routing By Date
  • Multilevel approval processes
  • Automated Data Export
  • Document queuing and matching

Common Applications

Accounts Payable Automation

Manage purchase orders, approve invoices and checks quickly and easily. Our customized accounts payable solution provides a framework for the entire accounts payable process. The system automatically generates purchase orders, forwards them for approval and distributes approved copies to the appropriate staff.

When an invoice is received and entered into the system, it will automatically be sent to the appropriate staff (one or more) for approval, then electronically sent to accounting for check generation. Invoices and purchase orders are automatically matched, reducing duplicates and other processing issues.


Managing Employee Expenses

Managing employee expense reports can be done quickly and efficiently with OIS systems.Employee expense reports are often a challenge for many larger businesses. Employees complete the forms and mail or fax it off to their supervisor who may work in an office hours away. If the supervisor is away from the office or on vacation or sick leave, the expense report will sit on a desk for days, or even weeks.  Occasionally, expense reports (and the essential receipts) disappear. Employees and supervisors must then spend additional work time to re-create the reports from scratch without any receipts.

A custom-designed system from OIS can prevent these and other common issues. Under an automated system, the employee completes the report online (from their computer or tablet) and scans any receipts.  When they submit the form, it is electronically routed to their supervisor for approval. The supervisor can review the reports and receipts on their computer, tablet, or even on their cell phone. This function works even if a business has multiple supervisors.  If the supervisor happens to be away or off sick, another supervisor can be given access to approve the reports. 

Once the report is approved, it is automatically sent to the Accounts Payable department to be printed during the next check run. No additional data entry is needed.

This is a simple example of how office automation can make your business run more smoothly. The experts at OIS can work with you and your staff to define your current processes and develop a system that works with them. Even if your office process has several steps and variables involved, the system can be written to react accordingly.


Document Retention Scheduling

Most businesses are required to retain documents for a specific period of time by accountants, federal regulators or other regulatory bodies. Keeping the necessary information in a secure, easy-to-manage system is important for privacy and smooth business operation. OIS provides software that is encrypted and secure to meet privacy requirements, and can automatically dispose of information after the appropriate timeframe. Just set up the retention schedule and the software will move the information offline and remind you it's time to destroy the documents.


Contract Management

For businesses who routinely deal with contracts, ensuring the proper approvals for each one can be a daunting task. Before you sign on the bottom line, make sure your documents have been through the proper review cycle. Our software can electronically manage the approval process for all contracts.

After the contracts are signed, they are filed electronically, allowing them to be accessed quickly and easily.


Human Resources

Do you have all of the necessary information on file for all employees? When hiring new employees, how can you track their onboarding process? Our software systems can track these and other human resources issues for you, notifying you when information is missing or late.

These are just a few of the most common automation projects for businesses. OIS offers a 2-hour free consultation to show you how our system can help your business and answer any specific questions you have. Contact us to schedule your consultation.


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